Shree om coaching classes offers result – oriented coaching in Maths, Science and English subjects for students having 5th to 10th standard. We focus very heavily on developing the fundaments and then brining the child at per 99% scoring level. We conduct coaching daily Monday to Saturday for their hour’s duration. Complete care is taken to ensure that the child is fully prepared in all aspects of portion 20 days before the school exam. On joining such batches, keeping regularities in periods and exams, we guarantee your percentage in school exam will climb to above 95%.

  • 5th to 7th semi batches
  • 5thNavodyabatchs
  • 7th scholarship batches
  • 8th semi/Marathi batches
  • 8th semi for MTSE / NTSE batches
  • 9th semi/Marathi batches
  • 10th semi/Marathi batcheses
  • Spoken batch for all standards